The diffusion-permeable AGEPAN DWD® protect as a sarking board for fully insulated rafter roofs. Can be used as a second water-repellent layer and as a structural element of roof panels in accordance with the German technical approval certificateZ-9.1-382. Sarking board in compliance with ZVDH (Central Federation of German Roofing Contractors) regulations: UDP-A, according to DIN EN 14967: type IL. Also provides an emergency roof solution for up to 8 weeks in event of exposure to elements and after storm damage. Hail resistance class as tested by the IBS Institute and resistant against rodents.

Construction ExampleProductThickness (mm)
InsideGypsum board ≥12,5

AGEPAN® THD Install  

≥ 40


≥ 15

Solid construction timber ≥ 60 x 200

AGEPAN® Flex  

≥  200

AGEPAN® DWD protect 


Battens≥ 40 x 60
OutsideRoof tiles

Construction example. Details, exact dimensions and thicknesses can be found in the respective test certificates, standards and building regulations. Please observe the processing instructions.


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