When constructing floors using panels over existing floorboards, it is important that the floor is even, without significant differences in level. AGEPAN® Loose Fill is excellently suited for levelling uneven floors. AGEPAN® Loose Fill is manufactured from the natural raw material shale, in a special thermal process. AGEPAN® Loose Fill does not contain any chemical additives and is therefore a high quality, environmentally-friendly material with outstanding grain strength. Old floorboards must first be provided with an appropriate trickle protection.

Construction ExampleProductThickness (mm)
Bottomplank floor

trickle protection

ribbed cardboard

AGEPAN® Loose Fill
≥ 30    

ribbed cardboard
Topflooring board≥ 18   

Construction example. Details, exact dimensions and thicknesses can be found in the respective test certificates, standards and building regulations. Please observe the processing instructions.


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