Optimised footfall sound insulation can be achieved by combining AGEPAN Loose Fill and AGEPAN® Natural Insulation Panel with AGEPAN® TEP, if this is possible with the given construction height. The combination of these products significantly improves the footfall sound and increases the thermal insulation effect by AGEPAN® TEP. AGEPAN® TEP can also be covered directly with laminate, parquet flooring or floorboards.

Construction ExampleProductThickness (mm)
Bottomconcrete ceiling

moisture barrier

ribbed cardboard

AGEPAN® Loose Fill  
≥ 30    

ribbed cardboard

AGEPAN® Natural insulation panel≥ 10  

≥ 40  
Topflooring board 
≥ 18   

Construction example. Details, exact dimensions and thicknesses can be found in the respective test certificates, standards and building regulations. Please observe the processing instructions.


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