New impulses for living room and bedroom

New impulses for living room and bedroom

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Current trends and exclusive design developments played a decisive role in the conception of the new Innovus Collection. With its new decors and finishes, the collection offers numerous impulses for interior designers. This month's focus is on living rooms and bedrooms.

Comfortable living with industrial charm
The living room is the space that belongs to all of us. It is where we live together. Be inspired by the new collection and discover combinations that invite you to relax and switch off from the fast-paced world outside.

Design suggestion: Redefine Industrial Style. Create space with straight lines, free areas and bright colours. White and grey tones dominate the room. With the brand new finish Cosmos and the decor Unique White (B4401) as well as Artwall (F2302) or Artwall Grey (F2300) you get an impressively authentic cement structure. A wooden structure can be used to add comfort and cosiness to the living room. How about the wood décor Sanctuary Oak (M6280)? This premium décor is available with the finish Fusion, which conveys a particularly natural touch. Sanctuary Oak is friendly due to its warm colour and impressive structure and brings a rustic flair to your room. It harmonises perfectly with the new Oxyde Brass (F2284) decor and the finish Stucco, which makes the Industrial Style perfect.

Bedroom: Lively and calm at the same time
The bedroom is the perfect haven for the mind. Our personal oasis for resting after daily challenges. It is the most private space where we can be ourselves and the one that adapts most to the different phases of life. In the new Innovus Collection you will find exactly the combination that suits your project.

Design suggestion: Create your bedroom with lively design without sacrificing tranquillity and harmony. The wall facing the bed headboard appears natural with the marble décor Palazio Silver (F2279) and the new finish Cosmos. You can set accents with natural wood decors, for example with Elegance (Natural M6317) and the new finish Spirit: bed, furniture or wall elements with this reference support the feel-good experience.

With the Innovus 3D Simulator you can select numerous scenarios for living room and bedroom. Create new, comfortable worlds and natural looking design concepts according to your ideas.

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