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Innovus Coloured MDF FR

Innovus Coloured MDF FR

Innovus Coloured MDF FR



  • Aplicações

    • Kitchens


    • Living Rooms

      Living Rooms

    • Bedrooms


    • Offices & Education

      Offices & Education

    • Sports & Leisure

      Sports & Leisure

    • Restaurants & Hotels

      Restaurants & Hotels

    • Health & Wellness

      Health & Wellness

    • Retail & Exhibitions

      Retail & Exhibitions

    • Paneling


  • Descrição

    Innovus Coloured MDF FR is a decorative, medium density fibreboard panel, through-dyed, which allies colour and versatility to the natural advantages of wood. (...) Skilfully combined, the Innovus Coloured MDF FR allows for the development of new concepts for interiors, highly individualised and with an inspiring depth, resulting in cosy, balanced environments with architectural clarity. Its characteristics, such as being formaldehyde-free, its high resistance to light and fire retardant properties, make Innovus Coloured MDF FR unique and provide for countless combination possibilities and uses in different spaces. Ler mais
  • Propriedades

    • Easy to mill

      Easy to mill

    • Low emissions

      Low emissions

    • Fire retardant

      Fire retardant

    • Light resistant

      Light resistant

    • Perfect lacquering

      Perfect lacquering

    • Formaldehyde-free