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Innovus MFC

Innovus MFC

Innovus MFC



  • Aplicações

    • Kitchens


    • Bathrooms


    • Living Rooms

      Living Rooms

    • Bedrooms


    • Offices & Education

      Offices & Education

    • Sports & Leisure

      Sports & Leisure

    • Restaurants & Hotels

      Restaurants & Hotels

    • Health & Wellness

      Health & Wellness

    • Retail & Exhibitions

      Retail & Exhibitions

    • Doors


    • Paneling


  • Descrição

    Innovus MFC is a decorative wood particleboard panel with a melamine surface for indoor use. Easy to clean and resistant to scratching and staining, the Innovus MFC decorative panel is a harmonious combination of visual appeal, technical performance and environmental sustainability. (...) The Innovus MFC decorative panel is classified as D-s2, d0 (Euroclass as per EN13501-1), according to EN13986 (for a minimum thickness of 9 mm). Ler mais
  • Propriedades

    • Easy to clean

      Easy to clean

    • Easy to mill

      Easy to mill

    • Stain resistant

      Stain resistant

    • Scratch resistant

      Scratch resistant

  • Media

    Galeria 3D