AGEPAN Loose Fill

AGEPAN Loose Fill

AGEPAN Loose Fill



  • Description

    AGEPAN® Loose Fill is manufactured from the natural raw material shale, in a special thermal process. AGEPAN® Loose Fill does not contain any chemical additives and is therefore a high quality,environmentally-friendly material with outstanding grain strength. Loose fill is used as footfall soundproofing and thermal insulation to level out uneven floors and is a tested element of the AGEPAN® Floor System. This non-flammable expanded shale should be compacted when laid with a fill depth greater than 5 cm.
  • Properties

    • Free from any chemical additives, healthy to live an and environmentally friendly
    • User-friendly - can be easily removed
    • For universal application
    • Significant footfall sound improvement by its high own weight
    • Acid and lye-proof

    • For almost every underlay (plank flooring, wooden beam ceilings, rough concrete ceiling, etc.)
    • Loose fill for smoothing uneven grounds
    • For renovation and new builds
    • Part of AGEPAN® Floor System

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