Particleboard P3 - Fire Retardant

Particleboard P3 - Fire Retardant



  • Applications

    • Offices & Education

      Offices & Education

    • Sports & Leisure

      Sports & Leisure

    • Restaurants & Hotels

      Restaurants & Hotels

    • Health & Wellness

      Health & Wellness

    • Retail & Exhibitions

      Retail & Exhibitions

    • Doors


    • Construction


  • Description

    The particleboard P3 FR has a fine, sanded surface suitable for applying melamine, veneer or laminate finishes. This particleboard can be used for furniture production, as it is easily machined, and has low formaldehyde emission levels (class E1). The product performs well in damp environments, with minimal expansion and swelling. With regard to its reaction to fire, and in accordance with EN 13986, particleboard P3 FR is classified as B-s1, d0 (Euroclass definition according to EN 13501-1). In addition to its excellent technical performance, PB P3 FR is a sustainable product with positive environmental performance.
  • Properties

    • Easy to mill

      Easy to mill

    • Fire retardant

      Fire retardant

    • Moisture resistant

      Moisture resistant

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  • Particleboard (PB)

    Particleboard P3 FR - Fire Retardant 1


    2750 x 1830 mm


    10 / 16 / 19 mm


    Service conditions and delivery time under consultation.

Service conditions and delivery time under consultation.