Innovus Compact Labgrade

Innovus Compact Labgrade

Innovus Compact Labgrade



  • Applications

    • Offices & Education

      Offices & Education

    • Health & Wellness

      Health & Wellness

    • Retail & Exhibitions

      Retail & Exhibitions

    • Worktops


    • Healthcare & Laboratories

      Healthcare & Laboratories

  • Description

    Innovus Compact Labgrade is a compact, high pressure laminate with high resistance to aggressive chemical products. Innovus Compact Labgrade is a hygienic, long-lasting and versatile solution, as it uses Electron Beam Curing (EBC) technology, giving the surface an extremely high resistance to aggressive chemicals and stains. Innovus Compact Labgrade is the ideal solution for more demanding environments, such as research and educational laboratories in hospitals and in pharmacies.
  • Properties

    • Easy to clean

      Easy to clean

    • Easy to mill

      Easy to mill

    • Stain resistant

      Stain resistant

    • Scratch resistant

      Scratch resistant

    • Durability


    • Low emissions

      Low emissions

    • Support for high loads

      Support for high loads

    • Resistant to chemicals

      Resistant to chemicals

    • Abrasion resistant

      Abrasion resistant

    • Dimensional stability

      Dimensional stability

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