The MDF Primer Foil is a medium density fibreboard for non-load-bearing applications in the dry area, which is excellently suited for surface painting. The coating with a special melamine resin film improves the adhesion of the lacquer. MDF Primer Foil is classified in standard E1 and is therefore low in formaldehyde. Before varnishing we recommend a cleaning sanding, because there may be dirt or residues from the manufacturing process or transport on the surface. As a rule, a separate primer is not required.
Upon request, MDF Primer Foil is also available in moisture resistant (Hydro X) and fire retardant (Fire X) version.


  • Living Rooms

    Living Rooms

  • Bedrooms


  • Offices & Education

    Offices & Education

  • Restaurants & Hotels

    Restaurants & Hotels

  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

  • Retail & Exhibitions

    Retail & Exhibitions


  • Easy to mill

    Easy to mill

  • Versatility


  • Perfect lacquering

    Perfect lacquering


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