Innovus Compact FR - Fire Retardant

Innovus Compact FR - Fire Retardant

Innovus Compact FR - Fire Retardant



  • Applications

    • Kitchens


    • Bathrooms


    • Living Rooms

      Living Rooms

    • Offices & Education

      Offices & Education

    • Sports & Leisure

      Sports & Leisure

    • Restaurants & Hotels

      Restaurants & Hotels

    • Health & Wellness

      Health & Wellness

    • Retail & Exhibitions

      Retail & Exhibitions

    • Worktops


    • Paneling


    • Healthcare & Laboratories

      Healthcare & Laboratories

  • Description

    Innovus Compact FR is a decorative, compact, high pressure laminate which has an improved reaction to fire, with a B-s2, d0 rating (Euroclass as per EN13501-1), according to EN13986 (for a minimum thickness of 6 mm). It is particularly suitable for use in high impact and high wear and tear conditions, or with considerable humidity levels. Innovus Compact FR is a very strong product and resistant to damage with remarkable structural stability. It is self-supporting, not requiring any other support for thicknesses >6 mm. Innovus Compact FR, decorated on both sides, is ideal for booths, partitions and cupboard doors, finishes on walls and interior design.
  • Properties

    • Easy to clean

      Easy to clean

    • Easy to mill

      Easy to mill

    • Stain resistant

      Stain resistant

    • Scratch resistant

      Scratch resistant

    • Durability


    • Versatility


    • Low emissions

      Low emissions

    • Fire retardant

      Fire retardant

    • Support for high loads

      Support for high loads

    • Light resistant

      Light resistant

    • Resistant to chemicals

      Resistant to chemicals

    • Abrasion resistant

      Abrasion resistant

    • Deep Routering

      Deep Routering

    • Dimensional stability

      Dimensional stability

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