OSB 3 is an engineered wood-based panel, particularly suitable for use in the construction industry for structural or non-structural purposes. The OSB 3 panel is notable for its elasticity and resistance to bending, as well as being an economical option due to its versatility, and as a support for practically all kinds of roofs, including bitumen, brick, and tile. In the packing industry, under wet or dry conditions, it allows for a high cost-benefit ratio due to its resistance and lightness and because it is available in large sizes. It also provides a wide range of decorative options, because of its natural wood fibre pattern and the ease of varnishing or application of other textures. It is a versatile option, which is economical as well as environmentally friendly, as the raw materials used are small, coming from rapid growth species of trees.


  • Flooring


  • Construction


  • Paneling



  • Durability


  • Versatility


  • Low emissions

    Low emissions

  • Support for high loads

    Support for high loads

  • Moisture resistant

    Moisture resistant

  • OSB
    • OSB 3
      2500 x 1250 mm10 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 22 mmSND
      2500 x 675 mm15 mmT&G

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