The inspiration for the Hotel Dixil Garden in Tangier (Morocco) comes to us from the desert, the riad courtyards and the street markets in Morocco.

Located close to the centre of the port city and just a few minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, the hotel provides its guests with a natural oasis of colours and textures.

Timeless Oak Cocoa (M6285) plays a vital role in this project. The decor gives harmony to the rooms and contrasts with the bolder elements filling the space. The Fusion texture, which recreates handcrafted wood, contributes to a relaxed and welcoming sensation.

According to Yamina Benbakreti, from the Tu Hotel Contract architecture office, Innovus solutions contributed to the success of the project: "The effect of the decorative grain is so realistic that it really looks like wood. This solution is very well achieved ".

Each floor illustrates different themes, but they all convey the same principle: the wealth and knowledge that each journey brings and that is beyond price.

Walking along the halls and the different leisure areas, the guest is transported to the local Moroccan street markets - a veritable sensory experience of colours, flavours, aromas and sounds.

The warm vibrant shades and the textures combine contrast and depth to create memorable spaces and reveal the very unique personality of the Dixil Garden.