Discover the range of particleboard and MDF products available with CARB2 / EPA certification

Present not only in real wood but also in some of the resins used in the production of wood-based panels, formaldehyde has been strictly controlled through European and American regulations. This concern arises in order to limit human exposure to emissions of this substance, particularly when concentrated indoors, which may be harmful to human health.

Therefore, since its launch in 2009, CARB, the California Air Resources Board, has been reducing the emission limits imposed on different types of wood-based products. The US EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, introduced legislation in June 2018 to ensure that all wood-based products sold, produced or imported into the United States comply with CARB ATCM Phase II or TSCA Title VI standards.

At Sonae Arauco, respecting the environment is part of our nature and our mission is to provide wood-based products that improve people's lives. Thus, our commitment to the sustainable use of raw materials could not be deeper: whether in particleboard or MDF, raw or coated, we have a wide range of products available to meet these new requirements. Find out about them here.


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