Suitable for interior applications in furniture or floors, easy to mill and with low formaldehyde emission.

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Resistance and flexibility for personalised projects

Nowadays, when people talk about wood-based fiberboards, they're talking about MDF – medium density fiberboard. It is the best wood-based product for actually replacing solid wood and its use has been increasing continuously all over the world.


MDF has high mechanical resistance and good dimensional stability against temperature variations and damp in the environment. This is why it's a product with a wide range of applications.


Perfectly suited for meeting the requirements of furniture or flooring applications, the need for moisture or fire resistance, low density or moulding capacity, or even for use in construction, Sonae Arauco MDF boards have smooth homogeneous surfaces which are ideal for lacquering and they are easily machined.


On request, Sonae Arauco MDF products are available in FSC® or PEFC certified wood versions.

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Product range

On request, Sonae Arauco MDF products are available in FSC® or PEFC™ certified wood versions.

MDF ST E05/CARB2 MDF for non-load bearing purposes for interior use KNOW MORE
MDF LIGHT E05/CARB2 Light, low-density fibreboard for non-structural use in dry conditions. KNOW MORE
MDF ST ECOBOARD MDF with no added formaldehyde for indoor use. KNOW MORE
MDF BASIC E05/CARB2 MDF for general non-structural indoor use. KNOW MORE
MDF BASIC LSW E05 MDF for general non-structural indoor use in damp environments. KNOW MORE
MDF HYDRO X E05/CARB2 MDF for use in humid conditions (EN 622-5) KNOW MORE
MDF FIRE X E05/CARB2 MDF with improved reaction to fire (fire retardant) for general non load-bearing use in dry conditions (EN 622-5 type MDF). KNOW MORE
MDF POWDERLAC E05/CARB2 Medium density fiberboard for special powder coating applications KNOW MORE
MDF SUPERLAC E05/CARB2 Medium density fiberboard for use in dry conditions, with an optimised surface for high-quality lacquering processes. KNOW MORE
MDF NOVOLAC E05/CARB2 MDF for deep routering in non-load-bearing applications. KNOW MORE
MDF FORM E05 Mouldable MDF for curved applications. KNOW MORE
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