The first Cozinha Continente restaurant by Sonae Arauco

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Vila Real (Portugal) now has a new restaurant space – Cozinha Continente. This is a project by the Store Concept team at Sonae MC in response to the challenge to design a comfortable, distinctive space that focuses heavily on quality, where the flavour and origin of the food are of prime importance.


“Tasty food in a space with soul. All in a unique symbiosis”, summed up Francisco Morais and Helena Henriques, the driving forces behind the creation of the concept.


Innovus Bari Oak Nature (M6252) was the chosen decor: “It was virtually an immediate choice. This reference is quite faithful to solid wood, with a very soft and real touch that gives the sensation of comfort and quietness we wanted for this design”.


The material stands out for the perfect balance between the colour of oak and the Flow finish, which gives the surface a natural and spontaneous appearance. Innovus melamine was used on the tables, counters, seating and shelving in this new restaurant.


Mediterranean style, the comfort of wood and warm shades provided the inspiration for this project. However, Francisco and Helena added that the greatest inspiration came from “the pleasure we feel in relation to food, the in-store experience, the details inherent to the moment of being, tasting and wanting to come back”. 


Whenever they develop a new concept, the architects seek to enrich it through the integration of different textures and finishes. For the designers, Sonae Arauco stands out for its wide range of products and the constant development of new textures and colours to keep up with the trends in architecture and interior design. “It's an excellent source of inspiration where very often the actual product is the “anchor” for several moodboards”.  

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