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Innovus Trends - Palazio Gold - Cosmos

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Whether in the living area or store design - warm décor colours are again among the furnishing trends. Authentic in their look and feel, wood and stone decors not only create a natural and harmonious ambience, but also a feeling of security. The Palazio Gold decor in the new Cosmos surface structure is also associated with a touch of luxury. The international design team of the Innovus Collection has worked intensively on the "matching" of Palazio Gold - the result is sophisticated interior design that is absolutely up to date with the present day.

Like in old Italy ...

Palazio Gold F2278 is a stone reproduction with characteristic surface movement and a striking play of colours. A special feature are the veined lines, which have been worked out in bright gold. The imposing marble decor is therefore also reminiscent of the opulent surfaces of the magnificent buildings of Italian architecture. In combination with the new Cosmos surface structure, the fine details such as cracks and crystalline inclusions have a particularly three-dimensional effect. The interplay with the Golden Wood M6309 decor in the new wood texture Fusion creates a special arc of tension - a mixture of rustic charm and magnificent flair. On the one hand, the colours are contrasting and yet harmonious, and on the other hand, the golden elements can be found in both themes. At first glance, each decor is a polarising individual piece in its own right. In combination, it becomes a powerful statement in the room. Depending on the application concept, a neutral "resting place" is therefore also recommended. The Innovus designers have chosen Dark Grey L167 with the Cosmos structure to complement the decor. The deep stone structure on the neutral grey picks up the theme of materiality once again and provides a modern, harmonious overall concept. Finely adjusted, this rustic and noble combination of Palazio Gold with Golden Wood can be used in interior design as well as in furniture construction.

Sole focus ...

Palazio Gold convinces with its variety in design use not only in combination with an equal partner like Golden Wood, but also as the sole structural centre. Impressive in combination with the Uni Dark Grey and other materiality in the room, Golden Wood clearly functions as the defining "silent element" here. Used as a highlight, it dominates the staging significantly. And this in an honest, authentic and above all elegant way.

Besides Golden Wood, the Innovus Collection offers 35 other fantasy decors - of course all with antibacterial properties.

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