Innovus Fantasies - bold matches for a fresh start

Innovus Fantasies - bold matches for a fresh start

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In a time marked by imponderability and rapid change, it is appropriate to redesign living spaces with innovative materials and unexpected solutions that stand out from the crowd.

Special designs for turbulent times
When planning a project, selecting and combining different materials, colors and textures can be a complex challenge. Which haptics and optics best emphasize the advantages of your individual taste and ensure a harmonious play of colors and touch experiences that arouse emotions? The New Innovus Collection comprises more than 200 decor variants, divided into Fantasies, Wood and Unicolours, which are precisely matched to a harmonious finishes to create an authentic materiality. Thanks to the targeted coordination between melamine and laminate panels, Innovus decors can be used in all areas of application in living rooms, offices and business premises.

The perfect combination: Fantasies with Unicolours or Fantasies with Woods

In the innovative kitchen: Whether you prefer a structured monochrome surface, a stone design, a ceramic look or a concrete look, Innovus decors enhance the original appearance of your rooms. Create a unique ambience with a new and exclusive finishing. For example, use decor F2280 - Urbanstone Chalk with the deep embossed texture Cosmos for an expressive three-dimensionality in the finishing of the kitchen. The combination with dark wood decors, such as M6313 - Exquisite Dark with the Spirit finishing, creates a familiar atmosphere of well-being in the room. Your kitchen becomes the center of attention in the house or the communicative meeting point in your company.
In the modern office: The influence of space on creativity and productivity has been studied many times - architecture and design details, e.g. the choice of colors and materials, determine the working atmosphere. If you prefer a productive atmosphere with a strong character - how about decor F2278 - Palazio Gold / Cosmos? In combination with lighter, single-colored finishes, such as L5233 - Nude with Super Matt Finish, an office with an extraordinary atmosphere is created.

Antibacterial properties of Innovus

The products in the Innovus Collection have antibacterial melamine faced finishes and offer excellent hygienic properties for safety in any room, whether commercial or private. Compared to other materials, they offer very unfavorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria.

Mix & Match in the 3D simulator
You can also test all our suggestions in the 3D simulator. Discover the wide range of decors in the Innovus Collection and choose expressive combinations for this new start

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