Timeless Oak Cocoa gives spaces a touch of naturalness

Timeless Oak Cocoa gives spaces a touch of naturalness


Wood is considered a mark of luxury and elegance in interior design. If you want a long-lasting, elegant and versatile proposal when decorating, oak wood is the best option.

Timeless Oak Cocoa (M6285) is one of the most remarkable natural designs of the Innovus Collection. With a warm chocolate colour, this decorative can be used in any setting, from traditional to modern, reinforcing the naturalness of the spaces.

The beauty of Timeless Oak Cocoa lies largely in the uniqueness of its grain and its texture. Combined with the Fusion finish, the decor stands out for its exceptional delicacy and quality.

In combination with cool, structured plain colours, this solution adds balance and harmony to every project. Due to its versatility, Timeless Oak Cocoa works together with other Innovus woods and fantasies, creating the perfect environment for functional and flexible living spaces.

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