Natural looking wood for contemporary interiors

Natural looking wood for contemporary interiors

Interior design

Wood allows you to design beautiful spaces to look at. Even with the increasing number of modern materials, we still prefer wood for our contemporary interiors.

The Innovus Collection presents you with exclusive references for giving living spaces a touch of creative energy.

Wild Oak Brown (M6287) is a rustic and powerful wooden decor characterised by its knots and end grain. It generates a space that evokes feelings of traditionand closeness while transmitting a sense of comfort. The impressive 3D effect is balanced by its more homogeneous, rich brown colour and the softness of the Fusion texture, resulting in a classic, comforting look.

And if you’re looking for a pleasing and well-balanced decor, Cosmopolitan #1 (M6282) may be the answer. This light wood emphasises calm and wellbeing and can be easily combined with the other design elements and surfaces in the room.

This Innovus decor includes all the current trend details – knots, cracks, colour variation and naturalness – and discreetly sets the scene. The Flow finish gives it a very contemporary and spontaneous appearance.

Wild Oak Brown and Cosmopolitan #1 can be used in kitchens, living rooms, offices, shop fitting and public spaces. Request a free sample online.

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