Innovus Compact Digital is a decorative, compact, high pressure laminate, which can be customised. Innovus Compact Digital makes it possible to develop creative solutions, based on decors, photographs, logos or graphs, providing high resistance to damage. It has remarkable structural stability, which makes it particularly suitable for use in high impact and high wear and tear conditions, or with considerable humidity levels. Innovus Compact Digital will allow you create unique spaces with complete customisation of interior design and in public, commercial or private spaces. Innovus Compact Digital is available with core in black, white or grey.


  • Living Rooms

    Living Rooms

  • Bedrooms


  • Offices & Education

    Offices & Education

  • Sports & Leisure

    Sports & Leisure

  • Restaurants & Hotels

    Restaurants & Hotels

  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

  • Retail & Exhibitions

    Retail & Exhibitions

  • Paneling



  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

  • Easy to mill

    Easy to mill

  • Stain resistant

    Stain resistant

  • Scratch resistant

    Scratch resistant

  • Antibacterial


  • Durability


  • Low emissions

    Low emissions

  • Support for high loads

    Support for high loads

  • Light resistant

    Light resistant

  • Resistant to chemicals

    Resistant to chemicals

  • Abrasion resistant

    Abrasion resistant

  • Deep Routering

    Deep Routering

  • Dimensional stability

    Dimensional stability

  • Customizable



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