Innovus MF MDF Fire X is a decorative, flame-retardant, medium density fiberboard with melamine-coated surface for horizontal and vertical indoor use. It is easy to process (finish/machine), scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent. Innovus MF MDF Fire X is ideal for applications where high sturdiness and flexibility are required, especially for ultra-refined working and increased fire protection requirements.

Product available as:


  • Offices & Education

    Offices & Education

  • Sports & Leisure

    Sports & Leisure

  • Restaurants & Hotels

    Restaurants & Hotels

  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

  • Retail & Exhibitions

    Retail & Exhibitions


  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

  • Easy to mill

    Easy to mill

  • Stain resistant

    Stain resistant

  • Scratch resistant

    Scratch resistant

  • Antibacterial


  • Durability


  • Versatility


  • Fire retardant

    Fire retardant

Service conditions and delivery time under consultation.

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