April 25th - 26th, Luxexpo The Box

Sonae Arauco will exhibit at Architect@Work Luxembourg - Luxembourg City; capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and one of the de facto capitals of the European Union.


Having a central position in Europe, Luxembourg always attracted a broad cultural diversity, creating new needs in the development of the built environment. As a result a dynamic growth in the Luxembourgish building industry over the last decades.


Luxembourgish architects, interior architects, designers, consulting engineers, urban designers and master planners benefit from this vibrant environment; their multilingualism and their international experience served to build a reputation within the Greater Region that expanded through Europe.


For Sonae Arauco it is a great pleasure to welcome the Luxembourgish professionals at Architect@Work to introduce Sonae Arauco’s innovations but also to experience enriching features and seminars together.

Exhibition “Mir maache Lëtzebuerg” presented by the OAI – Ordre des Architectes et des Ingenieurs-Conseils

Paperjam Club “10x6 Architecture – Innovation & Sustainability” – speakers - Shahram Agaajani – Metaform / David Determe – Betic / Guy Entringer – SNHBM / Tatiana Fabeck – Fabeck Architectes / Sala Makumbundu – CBA / Francis Schwall – Neobuild / Nico Steinmetz – STDM / Bob Strotz –Heisbourg Strotz Architectes / Luc Wagner – WW+ Architektur & Management / Romain Poules – Cluster EcoInnovation – PROgroup.

Project Wall by World-Architects

Jean-Gabriel Causse - "The influence of color on well-being and productivity"


Sonae Arauco

Stand 42

25th and 26th of April

13.00 hrs – 20.00 hrs

Luxexpo The Box – Luxembourg City – Luxembourg