16th. - 17th. May 2018, Forum Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

The premier capital of Northern Europe named home to great architecture as well as the world´s best design city.

A city globally recognized for its clean lines, graceful shapes, classic creations, great materials as well as for being strongly characterized by the typical Danish “simply made for living” Architectural & Design aspects. Functional. Edgy. Timeless. Minimalistic. Quality.

These typical Danish "simple made for living“ Architectural & Design aspects also define the recent architectural boom in Copenhagen with key elements such as sustainability and designs most importantly being developed for life and for people.

Designs for life and for people!
A thought very much embraced by Sonae Arauco having the mission statement to offer wood-based products that improve people´s lives.

Visit us at Architect@Work Denmark in Copenhagen. The Architecture & Design event renowned for its unique material exhibition, innovative specialties and an extensive, profound seminar program. Join us and meet our designs for life and for people!

Sonae Arauco
16.-17. May 2018
11.00 18.00
Forum Copenhagen