Sonae Arauco was present at Tektónica for the first time as a new brand

Sonae Arauco exhibited its range of decorative products at 2A25 stand, at a fair where market trends and national and international players meet. Innovus collection was highlighted during the whole event and Coloured MDF, Innovus Essence and the most recent Stucco and Fusion finishes get the attention.

Visitors were able to witness the versatile and innovative nature of Innovus references. Innovus Coloured MDF decorative panels stand out for the brightness of their colours and multiple possibilities of usage. Its small fibres reflect the original colours and provide a natural and organic look. Innovus Essence also guarantees the modern nature of the collection, by transporting us back to the origins and the texture of real wood.

Innovation is part of Tektónica’s roots and the most Innovus finishes answered accordingly: Stucco, inspired by industrial environments and urban lofts, and Fusion, with a warm and natural touch, ignited visitors’ desire to touch.

The event was attended by several teams from Sonae Arauco that provided specialized support to professionals of the sector regarding products’ technical characteristics and possibilities of usage.