For the second year, Sonae Arauco is teaming up with CCB through the provision o

The Centro Cultural de Belém has once again chosen Sonae Arauco's Innovus Coloured MDF range after its success in 2018. This time, grey panels were selected to be used in the exhibition, a choice made by the Girão Lima architecture firm, based on the aesthetic uniqueness of this solution. The Innovus Coloured MDF range also stands out for having a strong component linked to sustainability, given that it is environmentally friendly and formaldehyde free.

The company will be supporting the CCB by providing the Innovus Coloured MDF panels in grey. They will be used for the structure of the international exhibition “The University Is Now On Air – Broadcasting Modern Architecture / UK 1975-1982”. The decorative panels in this range are unique due to their natural, organic appearance and the luminosity of the colours. The use of selected pigments assures that the colour of the panel won’t fade with exposure to sunlight.

This exhibition explores the “A305: History of Architecture and Design, 1890-1939” programme, a higher level art course in telelearning format, broadcast for the first time in 1975 by the Open University, based in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. A key experiment in the new shape of higher education in the field of architecture and a fundamental example for analysing relationships with new communications media as a new tool for transforming the way knowledge is transmitted and divulged. The exhibition will be from 19 February to 26 May in Garagem Sul of the CCB.