Sonae Arauco offers MDF Moisture Resistant

It was in 1999 that the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art hosted Pedro Cabrita Reis' first exhibition. In his return to Serralves, exactly twenty years later, the artist will be showing his exhibition entitled A ROVING GAZE, which includes a special exhibit produced using Sonae Arauco materials.

Sonae Arauco is sponsoring Pedro Cabrita Reis' exhibition by providing the Moisture Resistant MDF boards that were used and transformed by the artist into a structure on exhibition until 22 March 2020.
“For Sonae Arauco, this cooperation mirrors the company's commitment to making wood-based products a material of choice. Every day, we devote ourselves to the development of solutions that contribute to a better life and a better planet and it is a pleasure for us to see that the products' capacity for adaptation now allows them to be on display in this museum”, said Michelle Quintão, Marketing Director at Sonae Arauco.

Apart from this exhibit, A ROVING GAZE makes it possible to see numerous other structures designed by the artist, photographs of his works from 1999 to now, as well as a series of objects, designs, documents and other works, building a total installation atmosphere, where the artist's life and work come together.

The exhibition neatly translates the relationship between Cabrita Reis' artistic practice and his reflection on the function of museums through the creation of a single, large-scale exhibition with a strong autobiographical slant and without worrying about chronological order.

A ROVING GAZE will be on exhibition at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art until 22 March 2020.