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EuroShop 2020 gets to the heart of shop fitting: Sustainable shopping concepts and a "wow experience" are more in demand today than ever. Retail planner and guest author at dLv (German Shopfitting Association) ladenbau trendreport Detlef Becker sees the social component in modern shopfitting that is becoming increasingly important: The third place, first recognised by the food sector, should offer a balance to family and career - and this is where the stationary trade increasingly wants or has to go", says Becker.

The shop of today combines authenticity and individuality - and can therefore only appeal to a specific clientele. This is exactly where the Matching life concept of the New Innovus Collection comes in. With 15 surfaces, including 5 new textures, and more than 200 decors, Sonae Arauco has realised current megatrends such as reduction to the essentials, sustainability and individual lifestyle in decorative solutions.

How can this look concretely? For example, with the expressive Spirit texture and the Supreme Black wood finish (M6319), combined with the light reference Mapuche Beige (M6289) and the undulating Flow structure. The combination of decors and the play with authentic finishes can create an inviting, cosy feel-good experience with a natural look and feel.

And what will your shop of tomorrow look like? Try it out right now with our 3D Simulator. Numerous retail scenarios are ready for a first decor matching.