Balance sheet and future visions

IMPULSE – the workshop with the industry 

The IMPULSE events of the wood-based materials manufacturer Sonae Arauco are now a must for many manufacturers in the kitchen, cabinet furniture and semi-finished parts industry at the turn of the year. The global event takes place in Germany as well as at several locations in southwestern Europe such as Portugal and Spain; preparations and developments are underway across national borders. Here, not only innovations are presented, but also jointly analysed and discussed. The results and highlights of the IMPULSE culminate in the "Innovus Artwork" product series. The event thus serves as an important basis for collection updates for the next two to three years. For this year, as in 2019, Sonae Arauco has drawn a particularly positive balance of IMPULSE. In particular, the five new surfaces Cosmos, Flow, Flow, Spirit and Stucco were very well received by industrial customers.

How do you match the future?

What impulses does product development need to take up today to meet the needs of tomorrow's consumers? For example, what are the effects of global changes and how do we react to them? A question that is also of essential importance for the furniture industry. At this year's IMPULSE events, Sonae Arauco has addressed this topic and will be presenting the results - decorative solutions that meet future requirements - for discussion. 

Global social changes are increasingly influencing the trend development
Global social developments are more and more in the focus when talking about trend tendencies. This year, Sonae Arauco clusters the recognisable in three theme worlds, "THE GREEN LIVING / THE PHYGITAL ENVIRONMENT / THE OMNI GENERATION", in the knowledge that none of these has a unique position. The focal points influence and complement each other and in many cases are only real in context. Thus life and living are in a state of change. In the smallest space, with the possibilities of digitalisation and across generations, to name just one approach. What we need is a place where we can settle down, where we find security, serenity, harmony and peace. Sonae Arauco interprets these requirements and creates decorative answers. Authentic in the optimal matching between visual appearance and haptic experience.

Sonae Arauco integrates technology topics
Not only keep up but also move forward: According to this principle, Sonae Arauco also presents the latest developments from its R&D department at IMPULSE. How can the furniture industry make the most of the product innovation "3DF - Three Dimensional Fiberboard"? How do manufacturers benefit from the Sonae Arauco industry partnerships? What opportunities does industrial digital printing offer? At IMPULSE, these questions will not only be discussed, but also answered in order to jointly implement new, innovative ideas with a view beyond the horizon.