Sonae Arauco's industrial unit in Linares, Spain, has received the Industry Award (Premio a la Industria) from the city's Chamber of Commerce, as a recognition of the evolution, growth and involvement of the company with the city and its continuous commitment to growth in a sustainable way.

The prizes were delivered on October 7 in a ceremony at the Antigua Estación de Madrid, in Linares, Spain.

In its speech, Sebastian Prieto, Linares’ Plant Manager, highlighted that: "It’s an honour to receive this award on behalf of the Linares' team. The work that we have been doing at the plant portrays our commitment to our community. We know that our activity impacts, directly and indirectly, more than 2000 people of the city of Linares and we daily work to reinforce the added-value that we bring to the region. Given the characteristics of our business, as we improve and develop our plant, we are simultaneously creating the basis for a better life and planet.” And he added: “This award is for the Linares’ team who, with their professionalism and dedication, have made it possible.”

The jury was composed by Raúl Caro-Accino Menéndez, Mayor of Linares; José María Villén, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Linares; Patricio Lupiáñez Cruz, President of CETEMET; Juan Carlos Hernández Camero, President of ACIL (Asociación de Comerciantes e Industriales de Linares); and María Jerez Carrillo, Manager at Linares City Hall and acting as a secretary.

In the last years, the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Linares has been working to promote business initiatives, as the Industry Awards, with the main purpose of achieving greater diversification of the local economy, improving professional qualifications, increasing the number of companies and their size, and promoting their internationalization and digitization.

About Sonae Arauco
Sonae Arauco is one of the world's leading producers of wood-based solutions. Based in Spain–where it has industrial operations in Linares, Valladolid and Cuéllar–the company is truly committed to corporate sustainability and to the creation of economic, environmental, and social value in the regions where it operates.
In recent years, Sonae Arauco has invested heavily in upgrading its industrial facilities, for example in the development of the Big Data project, an area of knowledge in which it is a pioneer, and in numerous operations to improve the productivity of its industrial units.