This event took place in Gothenburg (Sweden), during November 7th and 8th

Have you ever thought about how the cities of the future are being planned? Or how architecture impacts your daily life? At The Nordic Architecture Fair, 84 renowned speakers, including Filippo Innocenti, Umberto Napolitano, Helle Juul, Monica von Schmalensee, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Gert Wingårdh, Hlédis Sveinsdottir, Rahel Belatchew and Sou Fujimoto, had discussed the way cities are growing and developing. The idea that architecture has a great role to the creation of well-being for the locals is well established among the participants – and the host region of the summit is proof of that.

In the North of Europe, architecture and urban planning are specially thought having in mind the specific characteristics of the countries. For example, light tones materials are used in order to maximize the limited sunlight of that region, which demonstrates an astonishing concern about the prerequisites of dwelling on those shady countries.

Apart from the discussion about environmental issues, The Nordic Architecture Fair has also recognized Alejandro Aravena, a Chile based Architect, with The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development. Every year, a person or an organisation is awarded for its exceptional performance and achievements to a sustainable future, as the focus lies on people and on the planet.

Therefore, under the motto that its solutions are developed to improve people’s lives, Sonae Arauco was present in the fair to show its Innovus products, in particular Innovus Essence and Innovus Coloured MDF. Sonae Arauco believes that its decorative products answer to the market needs, as the feedback on the fair was highly encouraging to continue taking our solutions further and to make the planet a better place to live in.

More information available on the event website.