The exhibition will be held at Centro Cultural de Belém – Garagem Sul, in Lisbon

Sonae Arauco will support “Paris Haussmann” exhibition, at Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), in Portugal, by providing one of the most attractive products of Innovus: Coloured MDF. This Innovus reference will be the support of more than 100 draws, archives, plans and photos of Cyrille Weiner, besides uncountable models.

Innovus Coloured MDF decorative panels range get the highlight due to its light colours and its several possibilities of application. From March 6th forward, at Garagem Sul of CCB, visitors are given the change to testify the advantages of this product and experience the natural and organic look provided by Innovus Coloured MDF, the base of this exhibition.

Innovus Coloured MDF’s versatility towards culture

Centro Cultural de Belém has elected the Royal Blue reference of Innovus Coloured MDF range. It uses selected pigments that guarantee colour durability of the panels, keeping its brightness even when exposed to sunlight. Sonae Arauco’s support to CCB proves the versatility of Innovus Coloured MDF and its possibilities of application in several scenarios. The result is a bold and an appealing environment, matching with the nature of the exhibition.

Opening next week, the exhibition will show Haussmann’s work, responsible for the department of the Seine between 1853 and 1870, that extensively transformed the French capital. “Paris Haussmann” exhibits a series of work that reveals the potential of the Parisian urban model regarding the stakes and challenges of tomorrow’s cities.

This is one of the innovative projects from ‘Contract’ channel of Sonae Arauco, that believes that the potential of Innovus Coloured MDF range will be recognized again, due to the relevance of CCB in the cultural and artistic panoramas.