Between May 4th and 13th, at Escola n.º 85 da Foz do Douro

Sonae Arauco will support another edition of Sleep In Porto, a reference event in Portugal concerning architecture and interior design. The 3rd edition will be held at Escola n.º 85 da Foz do Douro and the participants will transform a century building in a charming hotel, bearing in mind the fictitious characters they were given.

Sonae Arauco has offered the whole Innovus collection so all professionals can do their best in creating original and creative scenarios, according to the proposed challenge. Known by its innovative nature, Innovus collection products allow several possibilities of application in different environments: for example, at the hotel living room, the Portuguese architect Nuno Ribeiro will bet on the most recent Stucco and Fusion finishes.

As so, Sonae Arauco invites all clients to visit Sleep In Porto during the whole week of the event and, in particular, on May 11th, Sonae Arauco’s day.

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