Trends dictate a focus on strong, bright colours

Ultraviolet was the colour chosen by Pantone – the institute known worldwide for its colour system – for this year, but 2018 begs for every colour in the rainbow. In terms of interior decoration, the focus is going to be on strong, bright colours, and audacity will be the name of the game.

White and pastel shades are predominant in much home décor, but, although light colours are still in fashion, brighter colours are among the main trends for interior decoration this year. From small details in a living room, to a bold office environment, the colours in a room have the power to define styles, elicit sensations and influence states of mind. In fact, the use of bright colours is a way of bringing life and identity to spaces and creating numerous aesthetic personalities.

Using a strong, versatile black, a sophisticated, comfortable blue, a relaxed, harmonious curry or warm berry, at Sonae Arauco the decorative panels in the Innovus Coloured MDF range are your answer to this trend. As they are wood-based, you can see small fibres reflecting the original colour and giving them a natural, organic look. The use of selected pigments assures the colour of the panel, which won’t fade with exposure to light, remaining consistent in colour and intensity. Marked by the luminosity of their colours, these panels are the ideal partner for developing new concepts and unique projects.

Try your hand at creating bold environments with strong colours, whether to mark off spaces or to create unique, very personal settings. See the Innovus Coloured MDF range from the Innovus decors collection here.