The versatility of the new finishes in the Innovus collection will let you keep up with trends

Nowadays, an open space is synonymous with modern homes where there are no clear limits between spaces. The trends in interior decoration for 2018 pointed to by Homify – the online platform totally devoted to homes and building – are for integrated, multipurpose environments with different dimensions, where decoration and the strategic use of materials play a vital role in the definition of virtual limits.

These spaces are seen as being more modern and comfortable, giving an elegant, more cosmopolitan environment. In addition to being highly versatile and flexible, creating independent areas and adapted through subtle divisions, open spaces give an even greater sense of spaciousness.

Whether you're marking off or separating spaces, Stucco and Fusion decorative finishes from the Innovus collection by Sonae Arauco are the secret to keeping up with this trend. Characterised by their differentiating nature and because they allow for a multitude of application possibilities, these finishes will let you develop creative, innovative settings, marking off different spaces within a single environment. Inspired by industrial environments, urban lofts and materials of a natural origin, Stucco brings the spirit of rocky landscapes to mind. In turn, Fusion has the look of handcrafted wood, whose warm, natural touch awakens the senses and emotions.

Develop innovative, integrated environments, with clear distinctions between spaces, and keep up with trends with the most recent Stucco and Fusion finishes from the Innovus collection. Find out all the details here.