Colour is a strong inspiration for any architectural or interior design project.

From the most minimalist to the most disruptive project, the strategic use of colour is a key element to develop bold, aesthetically interesting and inviting spaces. In addition to the use of different materials for separating spaces within the same room, colour allows to delineate areas and also to define moods.

Pantone institute, the leading colour reference in the world, has released eight colour palettes that will be everywhere during 2019. Inspired by warm, earthy and sweet tones, one of the most outstanding palettes is the "Cravings", characterized by its minimalist tones that stimulate the senses. How? By attracting sensations through strong reds, hot oranges, appealing purples and caramel tones. These colours promise the development of bold and innovative environments.

Sonae Arauco's answer with warm and invigorated spaces

In fact, colours can influence our state of mind. The warm earthy tones remind us nature and connect us to our roots. Assuming a young, energetic, warm, positive and exhilarating environment, these colours ignite unique sensations of comfort and well-being. Aligned with the latest trends, strong tones such as yellow curry and berry integrate the colour palette of Sonae Arauco's references, such as Innovus Coloured MDF.

The decorative panels of Coloured MDF range are unique due to the brightness of its colours. The use of selected pigments ensures the colour of the panel does not fade with exposure to light, remaining consistent in its intensity. The reference Curry, for example, corresponds to the heat-tempered tones trend, providing strong environments with attractive colours, and the reference Berry, for instance, is the colour that will help developing a softer and brighter environment.

Use warm, strong and appealing tones and challenge yourself by conceiving a disruptive and innovative environment. Discover here Innovus Coloured MDF range and develop bold scenarios that make you feel the comfortable and natural and challenge traditional standards.