Throughout the years, cultural and socials changes have been influencing interior design trends

While the 50s were known for strong consume habits and modernity, the 80s were characterized by daring and surprising approaches and, by the time of the arrival of the new millennium, spaces got more personalized. And wood has still an important role on that.


Wood as a secular raw material


For centuries, wood has been used in many ways by artists, architects and designers. The versatility of this material leads to its several possibilities of application in floors, stairs, doors, furniture or even decorative objects. Concerning interior design, for its neutrality and natural beauty, wood suits to any style – whether we have in hands a classic, rustic, vintage or even industrial scenario. The truth is the use of wood makes us connect with nature, giving vitality to the space.


Despite the historic use of wood, issues such as environment protection and sustainable exploitation of resources led to the exploration of more environmentally friendly materials. Wood-based products, the basis of Sonae Arauco solutions, allow you to develop more resistant, versatile, ecological and sustainable solution – always bearing in mind aesthetic and touch sensations.


 Sonae Arauco's tribute to wood


By creating a more natural and harmonious aesthetic, Sonae Arauco’s Innovus Essence range is a tribute to the passion for wood. These decorative panels, with a perfectly synchronized finish with the veins and knots of the wood, lead us to the origins of real wood through its texture and beauty.


Inspire yourself and conceive cosy environments with Sugar Oak reference, from Innovus Essence range, by following the trend of light tones and developing a calm atmosphere. On the other hand, you may want a warmer scenario – then try instead the Chocolate Oak darker reference. See here all the available options for Innovus Essence.