Interview with the architect Nuno Ribeiro

The areas of architecture and interior design are dynamic and cyclical. This universe is influenced by the cultural and social context, leading to different techniques and even new materials developed by the industry. In an interview with Nuno Ribeiro, a Portuguese well-known architect, we have asked how architecture can reflect nowadays way of living and how it influences people's lives.

Sonae Arauco: From your perspective, how is architecture connected with nowadays way of living?
Nuno Ribeiro: I think people seek for balance in their lives because of the daily rush. The atmosphere that surrounds us has a direct influence in our state of mind and this need for harmony and soft environments reflects on architecture too.

S.A .: As so, which trends get the highlight?
N.R .: We expect cosy spaces, marked by the minimalist style, with natural elements following trends. In 2018, wood became one of the most wanted elements. The combination of revivalism, modernism and minimalism are part of the most recent trends. On architecture, and also on interior design, the refinement of clean and contemporary lines is allied with the retro references of the past. Along with this movement, the gradual and punctual integration of colour is considered with special attention. Due to its ability to transmit feelings and experiences, colour stands for a differentiating touch, determining the mood of an environment and its emotions.

S.A .: What do you consider to be the role of architecture in people's lives and the contribution Innovus collection can make?
N.R .: Spaces can influence our state of mind. As an architect, I believe that knowing the client is essential for having the sensitivity of getting into their intimacy and fully understand their needs and expectations. As an answer to that challenge, Sonae Arauco has been developing wood based sustainable solutions that fully adapt to people’s lives. To our projects, we seek for brands that are versatile and capable of meeting our needs and ideas. With Innovus decorative collection, we can, for example, get solutions that go from wood to concrete, the most expensive materials in its organic forms.

S.A .: Taking trends as reference, do you consider that Sonae Arauco answers to the demands and specificities of the market?
N.R .: Yes, of course! Sonae Arauco presents a wide variety of solutions and options. Among Sonae Arauco’s products offer, I must highlight Innovus Coloured MDF. With its wide range of colours and easy application, they are the ideal partner for developing new concepts and disruptive environments, giving cosiness, warmth and balance to spaces. I also highlight the Innovus Essence panels that remind us the real wood with their neutral and light tones.

S.A .: What are the characteristics of Innovus products that you find most interesting for your projects?
N.R .: Besides its variety, quality and resistance, Sonae Arauco products are unique precisely because of their ability to create sensations. The products give to spaces a unique visual identity capable of creating sensory experiences. As I said before, some finishes come close to their original materials, such as wood, for example, which arouses organic feelings through the touch and visual experience.

S.A .: Throughout the development of your projects, what are your sources of inspiration?

N.R .: I consider myself as a romantic. I get inspired in everything that surrounds me, through my travels and my readings. Spaces ignite me and give me emotions that influence my projects.