Colour is everywhere. Discover the colour palette in the Innovus collection and find inspiration for your projects

Colour is a powerful element capable of awakening emotions and stimulating the senses. Just like materials, colour also plays a fundamental role in defining the atmosphere you want to create, whether in residences or in commercial or work areas.

The palette of colours also acts as a decisive factor for defining spaces and the mood aimed at when designing a project. Used in a bold kitchen or a classic living room, a disruptive bedroom or an elegant bathroom, colours always have something to say.

The trending colours for the coming years

The main opinion leaders worldwide indicate grey colour ranges as one of the base colours of the colour play trending for the coming years. Dark greys, such as anthracite and charcoal, are part of the colour pallet for the design of disruptive environments and contemporary furniture.

The group of dark, intense shades that grey falls into marks the trends for the coming years. At the same time, shades of green and blue also have a strong influence on the development of avant-garde environments when combined with grey base shades. When used individually, blue and green give an innovative result, creating a markedly monochromatic composition.

The combination of these solid colours with wood elements or with stone structures is also seen as a differentiating element, whose elegance sets any project apart visually, giving a retro touch to different settings.

Innovus unicolours

In line with the colour combination trends, Sonae Arauco highlights its range of unicolours in its Innovus decor collection. The varied palette of colours in these decors ensures versatility; they can be used in a number of different ways and settings.

Develop your spaces with Innovus unicolours, in line with trends, such as Dark Grey, Anthracite or Charcoal. Complement your project with bold shades, also trending, such as Blue Timber, Bambus or Camouflage. Discover the unicolours in the Innovus decor collection and develop daring projects.