Innovus and raumPROBE: After six month, Sonae Arauco résumés the cooperation with the materials collection in Stuttgart, Germany.

For architects and planners raumPROBE is a veritable treasury. A visit to the material exhibition or a click through the digital material library often saves time-consuming searching and browsing in individual catalogues. Visitors can discover brand new innovations: With over 50,000 samples and 13,000 registered users, the raumPROBE is the largest material exhibition of its kind.

Sonae Arauco has been part of the portfolio of raumPROBE with the decorative brand Innovus since March 2018. Exhibited are, among other materials, selected decors, the authentic surfaces of Stucco and Fusion as well as the whole range of Innovus Coloured MDF.

After more than six months Sonae Arauco draws a very positive balance, which is reflected, for example, by numerous sample orders generated by the raumPROBE. The products of the Innovus collection are a valuable addition to the collection of materials: “Innovus Coloured MDF is particularly well-suited to planners, as it is an honest material that can be nuanced, as matt, shiny or untreated", says Hannes Bäuerle, Managing Director of raumPROBE. For the interior designer, Innovus Coloured MDF offers even more benefits auch as "the complete colouring of the material, so that even scratches on the surface do not represent a defect. In addition, three-dimensional surface structures and reliefs can be excellently worked out of the material, "says Bäuerle.

In spring 2019, the collection of materials will move to an old industrial hall in the neighborhood, to offer visitors an even larger exhibition and creative event space.

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