The prestigious award of the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal (BGHM) was awarded to the Sonae Arauco plant in Nettgau for an innovative measure.

At the beginning of each up to three employees had to measure the stored wood on the lumberyard for the inventory. This is complex in many ways, after all, the inventory process can take up to five hours, since it must be very accurate. In addition, strict safety regulations must be observed when entering the wood yard. Since the "handmade" inventory was replaced by a modern and innovative measuring method using a drone, the Nettgauer Sonae Arauco plant was awarded the “Schlauer Fuchs” (smart fox). The prize was accepted by HSE manager Marten Böse. "The dangerous wood yard does not have to be entered for inspection - a drone now takes the measurement of the timber stock," explains Böse.

The drone flight is completed in 30 minutes. The final calculation takes three hours. Initiator and inventor of the project "drone" is Bernd Lippe, production manager wood: "I am extremely satisfied with the result which was achieved by the drone inventory. This allowes us to make our processes safer, more accurate, faster and more reproducible, and this type of inventory could also be used in other plants, "says Lippe.

Inventory measurement via drone was planned and carried out by Bernd Lippe on his own. It is a unique project. "The drone driver's license was the simplest challenge - much more labor-intensive was the development of the measurement software," summarizes Lippe, who has already received numerous inquiries regarding this project.

Photo (c): BGHM