Gone are the days when uniformity of design, colour and texture reigned supreme in wood decors.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of possibilities, designed with the type of space, the mood and the atmosphere to be created in mind. Discover the Innovus collection wood decor that best adapts to your spaces.

The advantages of using wood-based products in architecture and interior decoration projects have long been recognised. In addition to their versatility and the multiple application possibilities, wood-based products are a sustainable alternative to solid wood, without letting go of its exceptional characteristics: robustness, durability, elegance and the ability to adapt to the most recent trends in architecture and interior decoration.

The characteristic volatility and dynamics of the architecture and interior design areas call for the constant development of solutions allying traditional lines with the most recent trends. As it is the most versatile, oak is the most contemporary type of wood and ensures a touch of naturalness in the environments where it is used. Walnut references are making a comeback and the exotic structures ensure a more eclectic, ethnic approach to interior design.

Touch and texture are also at the heart of the development of new decorative proposals. Innovative finishes like Fusion, whose texture recreates handcrafted wood and provides a warm, natural touch, or Innovus Essence, a tribute to the origin of the wood whose organic beauty and texture are simulated in a panel with a synchronised finish, are the Innovus collection's answer to the growing demand for different solutions in an increasingly demanding market.

The Innovus collection, particularly with its wood references, proposes a wide range of decorative solutions that provide exclusive colours, touches and textures for projects designed based on the most innovative ideas. Try Essence Cinnamon Oak to develop a truly elegant environment, or Salerno Oak Golden with a Fusion finish for a more natural, yet modern setting. Alternatively, you can explore lighter coloured wood references, such as Salerno Oak Pale, which will allow you to develop more relaxed, luminous atmospheres. Use wood to recall the beauty of the past and embrace the challenges of the future.