Colour is one of the elements most widely debated by decision-makers in terms of trends in the areas of architecture and interior design.

Studies and reports are published regularly with the aim of predicting the strongest colours, the most attractive materials and the most appealing textures, and those that will be in line with new consumer profiles.

Colour is one of the key elements influencing the final result of a project: a bedroom in pastel shades can assure harmonious moments of rest, while a restaurant with bold colours can make a dinner with friends more entertaining. Colours have the power to define styles, sensations and states of mind.

Although sophisticated spaces are attention grabbers, using strong, vibrant colours as their trump card, spaces connected to nature are becoming increasingly popular. Topics related to sustainability have been gaining ground in the public arena, and professionals in the architecture and interior design areas have reflected this new philosophy through the choice of eco-friendly materials that respect the principles of the circular economy. Being in harmony with nature is the new trend.

The response from the Innovus Coloured MDF range
Based on wood, a sustainable product that respects the environment, Innovus Coloured MDF remains true to its origins through the small fibres that give it a natural and organic look, recreating a bond between the spaces where it is used and nature itself. But the value proposition from the Innovus Coloured MDF range is not limited to its harmony with nature and the environment — its variety of colours ensures that this range is in line with the most recent world trends, and it can be used in any public or residential space. Depending on the processing, whether milled, lacquered or coated, further colour nuances can be created or new highlights defined.

While dark blues allow elegant spaces to be created, shades of red ensure intimacy and emotion in the settings where they are used. The most recent trends also point to increasing interest in warm, earthy colours, such as shades of terracotta, which provide a sensation of calm and comfort. Even so, the timeless classics remain: black still ensures profound atmospheres and light, neutral colours allow cosy, serene spaces to be developed.

Explore the Innovus Coloured MDF range and choose the colour that best suits your project: Royal Blue for bold rooms or Berry for emotive living rooms. Alternatively, why not try Sand Grey or Terra for neutral, yet modern, common areas, and Curry to idealise offices that appeal to creativity. Ally modernity and sustainability with Innovus Coloured MDF and gain freedom to create.