3DF – Three-Dimensional Fiberboard – is a moldable formaldehyde free wood-based composite

3DF is a thermoformable wood board solution from Sonae Arauco that under the action of temperature and pressure (compression moulding process) can be shaped into endless formats, allowing deep structures and high radius capabilities on a very fast and productive way. This technology allows the replacement of historical processes such as CNC (computer assisted cutting process) and / or plywood applications, bringing outstanding improvements in terms of productivity, design possibilities and environmental impact.

Whether it’s applied in furniture fronts, doors, seats, wall panelling or in other applications such as construction or even in the automotive sector, 3DF is the best option for turning the most demanding designs in reality with maximum flexibility and minimum effort. On top, the achieved product surface is perfect for lacquering and powder coating and can also be surfaced with 3D foil or CPL directly at the moulding process.

Adelaide Alves, Product Development Director at Sonae Arauco, states that “The 3DF breakthrough technology is a perfect fit to our strategy by bringing new innovative solutions to the market through strategic industrial partnerships and by taking wood further. Additionally, 3DF also responds to the new requirements of the furniture industry, bringing an improved environmental impact.”

The 3DF materials have been developed in collaboration with the world’s leading chemical company BASF and have already won the first prize at the AVK Innovation Award 2017 in the category "Innovative products/ components and applications". Currently the product is already being tested and used by some of Sonae Arauco industrial partners like Light Weight Solutions Gmbh, Kreutzfeldt Gmbh or Jetclass Group in several products such as chairs or furniture fronts, where the value of the materials expand the possibilities of applications and open new opportunities.

3DF is industrially produced on Sonae Arauco MDF lines and is available at large commercial quantities. For more information or for sample requests, please contact Sonae Arauco.