With around 100 new decors and five innovative surfaces, the new Innovus collection promises with its high quality portfolio enormous creative freedom

The new Innovus collection is the result of extensive research and development and represents a strategic focus of the company: "Sonae Arauco has the strategy to be the first choice for its customers. With this target, and aware that the market is constantly evolving, we challenge ourselves to present new, complete and flexible solutions capable of responding to the expectations of our customers around the world”, says João Berger, Chief of Marketing & Sales Officer of Sonae Arauco.

With matching melamine-faced panels and laminates, Sonae Arauco presents around one hundred new decors and five innovative and unprecedent surfaces. Compared to the previous portfolio, the new Innovus collection has a renewal rate of over 40%. Expressive colours, innovative designs and exclusive produced surfaces with distinctive textures are just some of the highlights. "Innovus - Matching life" is more than just a slogan: the new collection was designed inspired by the latest global trends and market developments. It is inspired by our everyday lives, by the places where we live and work or visit and which become part of ourselves

New surfaces for an impressive natural look & feel
The Innovus collection sets new accents with five significant new surfaces with an impressive, natural look and feel: Stucco – with a texture similar to cement and a ceramic feel; Cosmos, an exclusive designed surface – inspired by the texture of real stone and cement, assuring the perfect balance for a deeply structured surface; Flow, also exclusively produced by Sonae Arauco – with gentle criss-cross pores, creating subtle waves that give a spontaneous, natural look to the surface in wood designs; Fusion – warm and natural to the touch, reminiscent of handcrafted wood; and Spirit – filled with movement and contrasts, conveying the true spirit of wood.

Mix and Match: impressive versatility
Whether living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, whether office or restaurant - Innovus meets all requirements. With more than 200 decors and 15 different surfaces, the new collection offers over 260 different combinations for perfect matched design combinations. The portfolio of wood decors includes various species such as oak, walnut and exotic structures. Fantasies fascinate with their authenticity in stone, oxide and cement decors. Unicolours surprise with an unmistakable palette of strong colours.