Sonae Arauco wins the renowned TTJ Award in the product development category with 3DF - Three Dimensional Fiberboard.

Sonae Arauco won the TTJ Award 2019 with 3DF - Three Dimensional Fiberboard. The ceremonial presentation took place on the 13th of September in London. In addition to 3DF by Sonae Arauco, a research project in biotechnology was also honoured.

3DF - Three Dimensional Fiberboard - is a formaldehyde free glued wood fibreboard, that can be shaped in a variety of ways under the influence of temperature and pressure (compression molding process) and with which deep structures and high radius possibilities can be achieved very quickly and productively. This technology makes it possible to replace conventional processes such as plywood forming and CNC (computer-aided milling). In addition, Three Dimensional Fiberboard offers considerable advantages in terms of productivity, quality, design options and environmental compatibility.

The TTJ Award jury unanimously selected 3DF as the category leader and praised it as “a genuine advance of product" and “a worthy winner”, said Stephen Powney (TTJ) and Ruppert Scott (TRADA). 3DF has not only created a new market for MDF, but has also enabled competition with other products and materials. In particular, the high quality surface and efficient use of resources were highlighted by the jury. Nathan Garnett of Media 10 said “it’s an entirely new sort of building block, and it delivers a whole palette of possibilities. You can make different shapes and patterns, and add embossing, and it requires no specialist equipment.”

TTJ Magazine's annual awards underscore the importance, modernity and future orientation of the wood industry, while recognizing its achievements in areas that are critical to the company's success. The TTJ Awards include categories chosen and independently presented by qualified voters in the timber industry.

After the AVK Innovation Award and the interzum award "intelligent material & design 2019", the renowned TTJ Award is the third award for 3DF. For additional product information and purchasing options please contact

Further information on the award ceremony can be found on the official website.