It is widely recognised that the best get-togethers are around a table

It is widely recognised that the best get-togethers are around a table: with family or friends, for sharing important news or talking about day-to-day life, over a quick snack or a long-awaited dinner in the comfort of home or in the sophisticated atmosphere of a good restaurant. The kitchen is the heart of the home and restaurants are meeting points for special occasions.

Renovating a kitchen can do the trick if you want to change the mood of the entire house

The kitchen is a place of reflection and the place where we begin a new day. It's where we stimulate our senses, when we enjoy a simple meal or the most sophisticated flavour experience. It's where we create and keep our dearest memories.
As it is a central element, the kitchen takes on fundamental importance in the definition of the atmosphere of the entire house: an open space kitchen gives freedom of communication, while a traditional kitchen brings back the most familiar memories. For a modern kitchen, try using Palazio Silver, or Seastone, both with a Cosmos finish, combined with exclusive wood references, such as Sanctuary Oak, with a Fusion finish, and Exquisite Light, with a Spirit finish. If you prefer a traditional, yet elegant, kitchen, why not match Elegance Natural, with a Spirit finish, with Burlap White, with a Textile Linen finish? The result will always be surprising.

A table laden with flavours – and with elegance too
Special moments require special places – and even if our home is the perfect haven, nothing can take away the charm of a well-decorated restaurant with an engaging atmosphere.
Create pleasant spaces that are an invitation to eat and drink and to gather around a table of flavours and different conversations. Try out the elegance of Urbanstone Clay, with a Cosmos finish, or Bagnara, with a Super Matt finish, and match them with darker shades of wood, such as Wild Oak Brown, with a Fusion finish, or Elegance Brown, with a Spirit finish. This will give the space an interesting play on colours and an exclusive combination of textures.

Using the 3D simulator, you can select different settings for restaurants and kitchens and find the perfect match with Innovus. Create here bold, innovative atmospheres and find the perfect match with your life.