AGEPAN® THD Install is a butt-edged wood fibre insulation board according to DIN EN 13171 with asymmetrical raw density profile. AGEPAN® THD Install can be used as an installation level or pressure-resistant interior insulation in roof and wall areas. The wood fibre insulation board contributes to a pleasant room climate. It has very good thermal insulation properties, is open to diffusion and sorption.

Unique - the asymmetrical raw density profile

The special manufacturing process of AGEPAN® THD products creates the unique asymmetric bulk density profile, giving them a particularly strong top layer with increased fibre content on one side. This allows plasterboard or gypsum fibre boards to be installed directly in the AGEPAN® THD Install with approved screws and clamps. Fastening in the AGEPAN® OSB ECOBOARD behind it is not necessary in the wall area. The special feature of this extraordinary wood fibre board is that console loads, such as lamps or shelves with a load capacity of up to 25 kg per wood screw (6 x 50 mm) can be anchored.

Another decisive advantage is that installation channels can be quickly and easily incorporated - even during prefabrication. If additional ducts are required on the construction site for the laying of cables or conduits, these can also be milled in subsequently. Furthermore, AGEPAN® THD Install can be provided with different surfaces, such as plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard, clay or lime plaster. Save working time compared to conventional installation levels with battens and cavity insulation - AGEPAN® THD Install is the faster and higher quality alternative.

Please also have a look at the video on the subject of interior fittings.