The project was built with several references from the New Innovus Collection and recently awarded with the LEED® Certification distinction

Developed with several references from the New Innovus Collection, Sonae Tech Hub has recently conquered the LEED® certification. The project obtained an 89 points score, thus receiving the Platinum LEED® certification – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Besides being appointed as Portugal’s most sustainable newly built building, it is also one of the world’s 100 best.

The new building of Sonae Campus, in Maia, Portugal, was developed with some of the most refined decors of the New Innovus Collection. Several references of wood, unicolours and fantasies were chosen to develop different spaces through the building, such as working areas, meeting rooms, bathrooms, common areas, restrooms and even a Restaurant. Together with some of the newest Innovus finishes, such as Flow, Stucco and Spirit, the decors applied supported the creation of a modern and elegant space, where comfort and productivity are certainly the dominant feelings.

Sonae Arauco's materials have brought the Sonae Tech Hub building to life. According to Miguel Pimenta, the architect responsible for the project, "the use of Sonae Arauco products was fundamental for assuring the quality of the final result, due to the variety of references provided and their ease of adaption, durability and reliability".

The building offers natural light all around and has low environmental impact. Discover it here.