Document addressed to the Portuguese Government highlights the relevance of Research & Innovation in this “new normal”

The Manifesto for the reinforcement of Research & Innovation in Portugal is a document, addressed to the Portuguese government and created in partnership with the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, has been signed by 50 scientists and 50 business leaders, namely Sonae.

This document highlights that Portugal’s response to the pandemic has shown “how science and innovation feed the best decisions - in health, in industry, in companies - for our society as a whole” and that “only with a strong investment in research and innovation, and in the institutions that produce them, will it be possible to respond to the unknown challenges that lie ahead”.

At Sonae Arauco, there are key elements embedded into our Values – namely a long-term business vision, safety and good citizenship, as well as innovation – that drive our intention to support both the healthy growth of the communities in which we are present and the society as a whole.

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